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Re: [linux-lvm] VG lost, no lvmconf => Help !

Can you send "vgscan -d" to me in personal email (mge sistina com)?
What does lvm-1.0.1-1 mean. We don't have such version.
Please check with for eg. "vgdisplay -h".

On Wed, Jan 23, 2002 at 05:04:42PM +0100, Guillaume Duquesnay wrote:
> Here's my startup config :
> on a single SCSI disk :
> - linux 2.4.17 was booting on an lvm partiton, VG main, with LV : root, 
> usr, boot, and  var.
> - an old linux system, 2.4.17 also, but classical ext2-based.
> The LVM linux system was created by copying the root partitions of the 
> ext2 system (as described in the LVM doc). Everything was working great 
> with the LVM-based system, but i kept the old ext2 system as a rescue 
> linux. Then, I did a vgextend to a remaining PV to my VG, and it boot 
> and works already.
> Problems arrived when i tried to add a SCSI CD burner : lvm didn't find 
> the PVs, nor the VG, causing a kernel panic at boot time, and so did the 
> ext2 linux. I was unable to fix that problem (SCSI id checked, ...), i 
> removed that SCSI device, and then only the ext2 system did boot again. 
> My vg was no longer detected.
> So, here's where i am : under the ext2 system, i have no lvmtab for my 
> VG, neither a recent main.conf, and my vg is no more detected, so i 
> cannot recover my vg with vgcfgrestore. I did scan the 2 LVM PVs, and 
> they are ok.
> So my question is :
> is there a way to recover my VG with the datas contained in the PVs ?
> info :
> The system is a Linux-2.4.17 based kernel, with lvm-1.0.1-1
> Here's my log :
> ////////------pvscan-------
> # pvscan
> pvscan -- reading all physical volumes (this may take a while...)
> pvscan -- inactive PV "/dev/sda1"  is associated to an unknown VG (run 
> Many thanks,
> Guillaume
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