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Re: [linux-lvm] software RAID over LVM


I haven't done it. I have done mirrors underneath, but I am curious what is the reasoning and/or application. The only thing I can think up is so you can migrate your mirrors to faster drives easily. However, putting the mirror underneath should allow you to move off one mirror onto another.

I don't believe that mirroring can be expanded like a filesystem can. In order to make the mirror bigger, you have to break the mirror as far as I know. So what are you planning on doing with it, or is it just "to see if it could be done".


lvm agilecat mailshell com wrote:
Hi all,

I understand the use of LVM over software RAID.
But is it possible to use software RAID ON TOP
of LVM?  For example, have a RAID-1 mirroring
array created from two logical volumes.

I've tried and it seems to be working.  Is
it safe to do this?  Any pitfalls?



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