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Re: [linux-lvm] Re: [lvm-devel] [ANNOUNCE] LVM reimplementationre ady for beta testing


> >LVM2 may not seem that exciting initially, since the first release is
> >just concentrating on reproducing LVM1 functionality.  But a lot of
> >the reason for this rewrite is to enable us to add in the new features
> >that we want (such as a transaction based disk format).  It's on this
> >new feature list that we'll be mainly competing with EVMS.
> Why compete, come on over and help us :-)

You guy man!

I've worked with Kevin a few months ago on using EVMS
to recover a filesystem ontop of LVM when a disk went
south and we had no backups (I know, but I was told by the
people in charge that backups were not needed - that's why
I left). I really like EVMS and can't wait for it to be in 2.5 and
then 2.6 (just keep up the patches for 2.4 please :)

Jeff Layton

> Steve
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