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[linux-lvm] df reporting incorrect size?

I'm a linux-lvm newbie (some limited use of IBM's LVM in AIX), and some use of Veritas in Solaris. So I'm doing some testing, hoping to find out that lvm will serve my needs and that of my employer.

I've done all of my fdisks to change partition type (0x8e), vgscans, pvcreates, vgcreates, lvcreates, mke2fs on the lv etc, (used nice generic names for my testing, like vg and lv), mounted it up and get the following:

mount /dev/vg/lv /test df -h /test Filesystem Size Used Avail Use% Mounted on /dev/spheravg/spheralv 59G 20k 56G 0% /test

WTF?!?! Where'd that 3G go? Does LVM mess with things so that the OS cant read volumes correctly? Or is there another issue that I might be running into?

Thanks in advance for feedback/assistance/HELP.

Also, on another note, how difficult is it going to be for me to add another ~63G to this LV from another physical device? The whole reason we're looking at LVM is mainly to perform this function (one HYUGE filesystem over multiple devices).

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