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Re: [linux-lvm] df reporting incorrect size?

My only advice is that you might want to reserve a small number of blocks for root on the filesystem, read up on -r for tune2fs. The percentage as nearly as I can tell is only in integers.

If you are using ext3 (which isn't a bad idea for a filesystem this large), I've used ReiserFS on filesystems this big. The journal will take up something between 1024 Blocks and 10240 blocks depends on how you set it up, which can use up an additional 400M. Read up on the -J option to tune2fs. This can be reset after the filesystem is configured.

If you're going to all that trouble, you should consider how many files you might put on the filesystem, and adjust the number of inodes to be reasonable. Look at -i and -N for ext2/3 (this can only be done at filesystem creation time). df -i will report on inodes.

Finally, adding more space to the filesystem:

pvcreate /dev/device
vgextend VolGroupName /dev/device
lvextend --size +60G LogicalVolumePath

Then depending on the filesystem you have to resize it. To do that on ext2/3, you have to unmount the filesystem. For reiserFS, you can do it online.

If all you really wanted was a huge filesystem of a known (fixed) size, and you aren't planning on adding any drives, the md tools and software RAID will do the job (either linear append or RAID 0). They aren't nearly as flexible, and aren't half as cool in my opinion, but they do get it done.

It can save you a lot of trouble w/ LVM to not use it. LVM if you need it is a godsend, if you don't I wouldn't bother with it, it's can be a hassle. I play with it, so I get used to it. It has caused problems in the past on my personal boxes. I haven't had catastrophic stuff happen to me, and the guys here appear to work miracles on data recovery. So, I wouldn't be paranoid about my data, but downtime is a problem for me, so I skip all the features I can do without on my production machines at work.


Theo Van Dinter wrote:
On Mon, Jul 08, 2002 at 04:59:17PM -0400, Ben Snyder wrote:

Filesystem            Size  Used Avail Use% Mounted on
                            59G   20k   56G   0% /test

WTF?!?! Where'd that 3G go? Does LVM mess with things so that the OS cant read volumes correctly? Or is there another issue that I might be running into?

This isn't a LVM question, it's a filesystem question.... Specifically:

$ man mke2fs
       -m reserved-blocks-percentage
              Specify the percentage of the filesystem blocks reserved for the super-user.
              This value defaults to 5%.

So 5% of 59GB is ~3GB. 59-3 = 56GB available.

As you can tell, 5% is huge.  For non-root/OS filesystems, I almost
always set that to 0.  Look at tune2fs to see how to do that without
recreating the FS.

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