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[linux-lvm] resizing logical volumes

OK, I asked a question here the other day that ended up being a filesystems question, sorry, but thanks for removing my head from my arse on that one (I knew that, really I did).

While I was asking that question, I also asked about adding existing partitions on other devices to a logical volume/volume group.

The reply I got was this:

pvcreate /dev/device
vgextend VolGroupName /dev/device
lvextend --size +60G LogicalVolumePath

This all seemed to work just fine, in fact when I do a lvdisplay and vgdisplay, it says 120G (which is what I expected it to be). However, when I try to perform the e2fsadm, I get the following (and I'm not an idiot, I'm using/seeing the actual paths here):

e2fsadm --size +20G LogicalVolumePath
e2fsadm -- new size too large for "LogicalVolumePath"
e2fsadm -- size of "LogicalVolumePath" would  be invalid

I thought to myself, 'Maybe I did this already.' I was, afterall, just starting me 1st cup of coffee. Whenever I mount the filesystem and do a df -h, it still reports 59G, which is what I started at.

While this might still be a FS issue, I still can find nowhere else to turn for assistance.

Thanks in advance...

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