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[linux-lvm] RAID extension and lvm

Hi all,

during the next days we will get a new RAID-System.
We have planned to use it as one bis raid5-"disk". Its possible, to
increase the disk space by plugging in (a) new disk(s).
We want to use lvm too, because its possibility of making a snapshot.
I have two questions to that:
- when I "start" a snaptshot, where is lvm using the disk space, which is
  needed to track down the changes user will made during that time?
- Can lvm handle the changing of a disk size? (In our case, lvm will not
  recognize, that a disk is added, because the RAID-System offers the
  complete disk space as one big disk, so it seems (from the sight of
  lvm), that the disk size increases)

Is there anywhere a searchable version of the mailing list archive?

best regards

Ralf Eisinger
IHS - University of Stuttgart, Germany
Pfaffenwaldring 10
70150 Stuttgart
Phone: (0049)-711-685-3201

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