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Re: [linux-lvm] RAID extension and lvm

Did you partition the disk, or did you put LVM on the raw disk unpartitioned?

If the disk is partitioned, run fdisk/cfdisk/disk druid to add that partition on the end (I've never done this, so take it with a grain of salt). I don't believe that the partition table has the complete size of the disk, I believe it just has the sizes of the current partitions. So it should be safe (the key work being: should).

Run pvcreate on the newly created partition.

Now follow the HOWTO on adding another pv to a vg. I believe all you do is run vgextend then lvextend or lvcreate.

If you didn't set it up using partitions, and it is a raw block device you have issues. I've got no idea how to help. Sorry... Report back if what works :-)


Ralf Eisinger wrote:
Sorry, I think there is/was something confusing. We want to have the
following scenario:

- we had an hardware raid5 with three disks (so we get the size from two
  of them)
- from the view of the kernel there is one big SCSI disk
- on that disk I install lvm (for snapshots) and ext3
- ...
- we are working (heavily ;-) on that disks
- ...
- Because we are running out of disk space, I plug in a new disk
  and add them to the existing raid5. So it will have now four disks.
  This adding is done by the hardware.
- Now the disk size of the "one big disk" is changed to the new
  "netto" size of the raid5.

Is it possible to handle that with lvm and when the answer is "yes", in
which way? One point was a command named "pvresize" but I didn't find it
in my distribution (SuSE 8.0) and I find nothing about that in the HOWTO.

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