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Re: [linux-lvm] Extending an LVM-Partition

Goetz Bock wrote:

On Sun, Jul 14 '02 at 21:05, Kai Weber wrote:

Or I ask for an "you can just add the PV hda2 and it does not matter, if
there is another PV on this disk" advice.

It's ok to do this (I do this all the time with my regular setups:
install the system to a mini ext2 partition, make the rest LVM, move
system to LVM, add former ext2 partition to LVM. As the installers
nowadays support LVM this is nolonger needed, but when I started LVM
no installer knew it).
It is only a bad idea when you want to try striping (for, I hope,
obviouse reasons)

The method I use is to make an initrd system
hda1 30Mb ext2  /boot
hda2  1G  (or 2x memory) ext /
hda3 200Mb ext2 / (not used initially)
hda4 - the rest as an lvm partition.

I install to hda2 and hda1 until I get a base system which understands lvm (with debian woody
this is quite a lot of effort!) Then I copy all genuine root stuff to hda3 and make lvm partitions
for the rest which are then populated. Lilo is set to boot either hda2 or hda3 for safety and I
test the hda3 boot sequence. Once happy I turn hda2 into a swap partition. Doing it this way
I find have no worries about merging small partition bits back in.

Andy Baillie

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