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[linux-lvm] *** ANNOUNCEMENT *** LVM 1.0.5 available at www.sistina.com

Hey all,

A tarball is available now at


for download.

Changelog for 1.0.4 to 1.0.5

o Fixed pvmove lock bug in lvm_do_le_remap
o use blk_ioctl() of blkpg.c in lvm_blk_ioctl in order to support BLKBSZSET
  and other general ioctls
o Fixed OBO error on vg array access


o vgscan
  - Workaround for minor metadata corruption bug in 1.1rc,
    for those downgrading.
o vgcfgbackup
  - running vgcfgbackup with no VGs is not an error

Send LVM related feedback to <linux-lvm sistina com>.

Thank you for your support of LVM.
AJ Lewis
Sistina Software Inc.                  Voice:  612-638-0500
1313 5th St SE, Suite 111              E-Mail: lewis sistina com
Minneapolis, MN 55414

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