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[linux-lvm] LVM newbie question.

Hello :)

I am about to setup LVM for the first time on a new server I have just
installed redhat on. And I have a few questions.

When I do a pvcreate on say /dev/sda1 does that destroy all the existing
data on that partition?

Which is better for pvcreate to be used on a whole disk (pvcreate
/dev/sda) and destroy all the underlying data or for me to merge all my
existing paritions over to PV to combine in a volume group? Is there any
advantage over either?

I've read the LVM how-to and am stilll alittle confused having never done
it in practice. One part of the how-to said converting a root system to
LVM is not recommended. SHould your OS directories /var / /boot
etc all not be included in the LVM? That was the main idea behind me
implementing LVM so that specific partitions (say var) could be resized at
a later date if needed.

Will I have any trouble restoring my system (which I backed up using dd
with a BS of 1024k) Do I have to make the LV the same size as my original
partition were for this to work?

Many Thanks for any help. I am just a bit confused as to where to step to



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