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Re: [linux-lvm] Help!

Hi Amit,

Nice to hear from you...

Can u please tell me what exactly you need? In that, I would be able to look into our volume manager and get back to you.


"amit  agrawal" <amitagra21 rediffmail com>
Sent by: linux-lvm-admin sistina com

07/26/2002 01:43 AM
Please respond to linux-lvm

        To:        linux-lvm sistina com
        Subject:        [linux-lvm] Help!


          I've been trying to put 64-bit support in the kernel for
2.4.18 kernel version. For this I also need to make LVM 64-bit
compliant. If you could help me about the changes required in LVM
internals and tools, then please share the same. Effectively I
need logical volume to be of 64 bit size.

  Looking forwad for your precious feedback.

 Amit Agrawal

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