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RE:[linux-lvm] How to install lvm in Redhat 7.1

--Shuvodeep  Ghosh<shuvodeep_ghosh rediffmail com> wrote:
>Hello lvm'rs,
>              I am new to Linux and i want install lvm on my OS 
>release 2.4.2-2.I was trying to do it with the .rpms available on 
>Susi, but i am stuck after the make dep and make modules 
>procedures.can someone suggest me whether that tar will allow me 
>to install lvm on my redhat release 7.1 or i would need a 
>different tar file for that??

I patched "LVM 1.0.5" against kernel 2.4.9-34 for RH7.2 as follows;

1.Replace files 

with these files in lvm_1.0.5.tar.gz

2.Modify lvm-snap.c as following;
"int nbhs = KIO_MAX_SECTORS;"
in the begining of both functions
"lvm_snapshot_alloc()" and "lvm_snapshot_release()"

then changes
	alloc_kiovec(1, &lv_snap->lv_iobuf),
	free_kiovec(1, &lv_snap->lv_COW_table_iobuf)
	alloc_kiovec_sz(1, &lv_snap->lv_iobuf, &nbhs),
	free_kiovec_sz(1, &lv_snap->lv_COW_table_iobuf, &nbhs) .

3. Apply LVM/1.0.5/PATCHES/linux-2.4.9-VFS-lock.patch like this;

patch -p1 < LVM_DIR/LVM/1.0.5/PATCHES/linux-2.4.9-VFS-lock.patch

4. Add in KERNEL_DIR/fs/super.c
"static DECLARE_MUTEX(mount_sem);"

5. Make KERNEL

It seems to me that patch applied well and LVM worked.
Young Ui Park

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