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Re: [linux-lvm] Problem compiling LVM 1.0.5

On Wed, 31 Jul 2002, at 1:34pm, Martin Mosny, PosTel a.s. wrote:
> in the new RH, glibc-devel and the INCLUDE policy/tactics is to DO NOT
> INCLUDE kernel header files to user space program.

  Linus has been trying to get people to do this for years.

  Basically, the Linus policy is that userland programs should *NEVER*
directly include kernel headers.  That includes the C library itself.  
Kernel headers are decreed to be Not For Userland Consumption.  The kernel
provides a binary interface.  If you want to use said binary interface, you
are supposed to write your own headers, either from scratch, or via
cut-and-paste from the kernel headers.

  Whether or not this is the Right Thing to do is immaterial; this is what
the kernel hackers expect you to do.

Ben Scott <bscott ntisys com>
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