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Re: [linux-lvm] SuSE Linux and EMC/XP/VA7100/VA7100

ZECHA,HOLGER (HP-Germany,ex1) wrote:

has anyone detailed experience connecting a SuSE Linux to a
EMC,XP,VA7100,VA7400 using Emulex FC cards and configuring LVM ?

if you mean with XP HP's XP256 or comparable, i found the following:

HP lpr1000 1U server.
QLogic FCal Card
Brocade FCAL switches
XP256 with 1,5 TByte in ~7 Gig slices.

the problems which prohibited us from using this setup in a production environment:
Linux could not scan all the LUNS and SCSI ID's without kernel modification.

The mapping from LDEVs to SCSI-ID/LUN could not be performed in a reliabel way on the linux box. Since the XP256 was shared between different servers (Sun Solaris) this was the showstopper. We could never be certain which ID/LUN corresponds to which LDEV (7 GByte Slice).

Thanks for your help

Holger Zecha H

SAP R/3 Project Services Operations Services Center Hewlett Packard GmbH Telefon: +49 7031/468 3423
Schickardstrasse 25 Fax: +49 7031/468 1349
D - 71034 Boeblingen e-mail: Holger_Zecha hp com

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