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[linux-lvm] URgent - please Help - our main system is corrupt, no one can work!

Dear Sirs,

this is the second mail. I tried it this noon but got no answer so far, but
our whole 
production is down and I really have to fix it.

We use SUSE 7.3 with LVM. I have got /var and /tmp and /opt  an /home and
Partitions without a filesystem for our database on a logical volume group
named quant.

The system was up and running. I added (with YAST2) one more logical volume
to the 
volume group, applied an restarted. The restart ist "strange", since only
parts of the 
systems come up.

For instance the /var directory claims to be mounted but is empty and cannot
mounted, for they are not mounted !! In /procs/ not filesystem is shown as
The / filesystem, which is out of the VM is in a read only state, some files
are there 
others are gone.
When I do vgdisplay the VM is shown as available, when I do vgdisplay -D it
is shown 
as unavailable.

I cannot afford any tests, since I do not have a backup of the database data
from today.

It looks for me as if the addition of the new logical volume wrote some
information in a 
place where it does not belong. Can I recover the old state without loosing

With best regards
Gesine Schäfer-Reimers
quant GmbH

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