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Re: [linux-lvm] URgent - please Help - our main system is corrupt, no one can wor k!

On Mon, Jun 10 '02 at 15:16, Gesine Schäfer-Reimers wrote:
> this is the second mail. I tried it this noon but got no answer so far, but
> our whole production is down and I really have to fix it.
did not reache the list (AFAICT)
> The system was up and running. I added (with YAST2) one more logical
> volume to the volume group, applied an restarted. The restart ist
> "strange", since only parts of the systems come up.
Most likely it come up in a "something is broken, bplease try to fix it
manualy" state

> For instance the /var directory claims to be mounted but is empty and
> cannot be mounted, for they are not mounted !! In /procs/ not
The mount command takes it's information from /etc/mtap and not from
/proc, so most likely the console message was something like "unable to
run fsck on /dev/bla" please enter root password and try to fix it,
system will reboot after you left the shell.

> [ ... ]
> It looks for me as if the addition of the new logical volume wrote
> some information in a place where it does not belong. Can I recover
> the old state without loosing information?
possible there are backups in /etc/lvmtab.d, but maybe not.

It would realy help, what the system told you when it booted.

A "simple" fix might be to reboot and pray :-/, but this might fu**up

Unfortunately I've not enough informations to help you further :-(, and
I don't know how stable yast2 is so I can only guess what you might be
able to do to fix anything, but my guesses might be way off.

Goetz Bock                                             bock blacknet de
IT Consulting                                          Munich   Germany

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