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Re: [linux-lvm] Jemand zuhause ???

On Mon, Jun 24, 2002 at 12:06:15AM +0200, hph hphbbs ruhr de wrote:
> Hallo? Jemand zuhause ???

Well there is a couple of us here ;-)

Because this is an English language list, please send any further
email in English.

I'll translate for the rest of us...

> Erreicht man unter dieser Adresse DEN Heinz-Maulshagen?
> Is THE Heinz Mauelshagen reachable via this address?

Yes :)

> Ich hätte  da ein paar Bauchschmerzen mit dem LVM:
> I'ld have some stomach ake IRT the LVM:

Well, go visit the doctor ;-)

> 	- 'cluster exclusive'-flag
> 	- 'cluster lock disk'
Define what you mean with those, please.

The LVM 1.1 unstable developement branch has 'static mode' support for volume
groups, which enables volume group configuration on a single node while
all other nodes need to have the volume group inactive, then you set the
volume group to static mode, vgscan on all other nodes and activate it there.
You can't change the volume group while it is in static mode.
It is just meant to be a simple helper to use single mode LVM1 in clusters.

Maybe 'static mode' could cover your 'cluster lock disk'?

Waiting for your definitons to be sure...

> 	- Unterstützung für LVM generell in ver`cluster'ten Umgebungen
>       - Support for LVM in clustered environments.

We will release Cluster LVM for Linux this summer as a comercial product,
which will support all single node LVM commands in the cluster enabling you
to do all configuration changes to your shared volume groups and shared
logical volumes while they are accessed.

Please be aware that in order to make use of those shared volume groups and
logical volumes, you need to combine them with a cluster capable so called
shared disk filesystem (such as Sistinas Global Filesystem aka GFS) or
any cluster capable application. 

The advantage of a shared disk filesystem on top of a Cluster LVM is that
non cluster capable applications (such as Web-Servers) run on this combination
giving you cluster scalability and redundancy on extreme cheap hardware
without affording for your applications to become cluster aware.

> Beste Grüße,
> Peter Heidinger
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