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Re: [linux-lvm] RAID & LVM

> I know it seems to be a very old question, but I can't find in 
> the previous messages, the answer for that..
> Is it possible to use RAID and LVM together? If positive, is 
> there a HOW-TO telling something about it?

Yes it works well.

Use the standard RAID stuff to make a raid device, say /dev/md0, then create a PV (LVM Physical Volume) on that, then make a VG (LVM volume group) out of that PV, then create LVs (LVM Logical Volumes) in the VG.

Then (unless you have some other use for them), create filesystems in the LVs.

I use LVM over RAID1 on ATA disks using Ultra-ATA mode 4 (66 MB/s) or higher.

> LVM will support mirroring someday?


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