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Re: [linux-lvm] LVM hang with some uses of raw i/o


the LVM code doesn't handle buffered and raw accesses differently at all,
because it get's an IO request and remaps it in both cases.

Either ll_rw_block calls submit_bh() in case of buffered IOs *or*
submit_bh() is called from brw_kiovec which in turn gets called by
the raw driver. Once submit_bh() is in the game, the LVM drivers remapping
function is called further down the chain facing no differences.

It could therefore well be a raw device driver flaw not showing present
buffer alignment problems.

If I follow the VM code chain correctly down to find_extend_vma(),
an offset into a page gets silently ignored on finding the VMA.
This will petentially cause a user page to be overwritten corrupting user data
which shouldn't cause the system to hang, but your process to go nuts.

In order to get a better idea what might be hanging your SMP system:

- what distinguishes the other systems running the same code well from the SMP
  system which hangs?

- do they have less memory? In particular high memory bounces introduce
  additional code paths.

- are they UP/SMP?

- do they run different Linux versions or patches?

- did you try the LVM 1.0.4 driver?

Another option is LVM2 and device-mapper (see www.sistina.com; products)
which will replace LVM1 further down the road :)

Heinz    -- The LVM Guy --

On Wed, Jun 26, 2002 at 01:28:00PM -0400, Gary Eheman wrote:
> Greetings:
>   I have been using and experimenting with LVM on linux with a product from my
> employer.  I have had excellent results on a few different systems, but am
> having difficulty with one now that is prompting me to post looking for help and
> guidance.
>   At the moment, I am using the LVM 1.1rc2 code, having upgraded from the 1.0.4
> code when it was failing. The reason I went to the 1.1rc2 code was this is an
> SMP system and I noticed SMP related fixes mentioned in the changelog.
>   The hardware setup is an IBM x232 server with two 1.3Mhz cpus.  No raid
> adapter. Four scsi drives on the scsi bus.  I took the last two drives, one 75G
> and one 36G, put one large partition on each over all the space and set the
> partition type to '8e'x. I then created two different volume groups, one each
> containing each of those two drives. (Yes, I know about all of the many other
> ways that I could define it multiple drives in one group. I did it this way for
> a reason.)  I then created a set of logical volumes 2.8G in size on each of the
> two volume groups. 
>   The Linux setup is a Redhat 2.4.17 kernel.  I have used this same kernel tree
> on a few other systems with LVM and our product with no difficulty.  We need to
> use raw i/o with our product as can concurrently do tons of I/O to up to 255
> slices (or logical volumes using LVM) and we use raw i/o on the other unix
> platforms.
>   Using the Suse whitepaper's suggestion, I automated one of our boot time
> startup scripts to create a set of /dev/raw devices with my preferred names and
> issue the raw command to associate the raw devices to the logical volumes. Since
> Redhat already has a /dev/raw/raw1 thru /dev/raw/raw128, I decided to create
> mine starting with minor 129.       
> This all appears to work well as I end up with (one example)
> crw-rw----    1 myowner   mygroup   162, 129 Jun 26 10:36 33903c0
> and
> raw -q /dev/raw/33903c0
> /dev/raw/raw129:        bound to major 58, minor 16
> and in /var/log/messages I see the timestamped messages like this:
> /dev/raw/raw129:^Ibound to major 58, minor 16
> I can use one of our utilities to prepare (format) the logical volume for use by
> our
> product by specifying "/dev/raw/33903c0"  with no difficulty and similarly for
> all of the other logical volume names via their respective /dev/raw
> specification.  Our product also seems to run ok with all of the /dev/raw/xxx
> devices, too.
> Here comes the problem description.
> Two of our other utilties which will backup (read from) or restore (write to)
> data to the /dev/raw devices cause Linux to hang (must reset or power off to
> recover).  I have tried to do an strace of them, but it hangs the system before
> any trace data has been written.  In an attempt to see if dd caused the same
> problem, I used another system (laptop) with LVM and our product and strace'd
> our utility to see what blocksize it was using for reads from the raw device.  I
> then straced a dd bs=875520 if=/dev/raw/33903c0 of=/dev/null.  I ctrl-c killed
> it after about 200 records.  I was just starting to look at that trace file
> using vi when the system hung again!  This helps shine the light off of our
> utilities (I think), though I also see that dd is not supposed to be used
> against raw devices in the man pages.  The author of our utility is well aware
> of the need to align the buffers, and the same code does work on other raw
> devices on other LVM linux systems I have put together.
> I need suggestions for debugging and/or other help to figure out what is going
> on with this system. 
> -- 
> Gary Eheman
> Fundamental Software, Inc.
> http://www.funsoft.com
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