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Re: [linux-lvm] Kernel 2.5.5 - slightly OT

Hi all

Anyone sucessful in compiling lvm (linux) ( not as a module but inside
kernel itself) for linux kernel 2.5.5 -

whenever i add the option of raid and lvm, the make bzImage exits with
error at lvm.c and rd.c. I omitted these modules and compiled kernel
and kernel is ok - now i need to access lvm partitions.

any work arounds to load older lvm kernel modules into current kernel
- tried even a forced insmod - no use ! - says some unresolved externals.

about rd.c there was a topic on linux-kernnel mailing list ,
you have to delete the second argument on the line it bombs i think it was " len << 9 "
it should be fixed in 2.5.6-pre1

about lvm ( i think it's already fixed in 2.5.6-pre2 )
some of the includes are missing

both problems are fixed in 2.5.5-dj1 and -dj2
if you try the dj tree it should work

and i'm almost happy to say that i have almost working 2.5.6-pre1-xfs + 2.5.5-dj2
i have troubles with XFS LV's over soft-raid-0
no troubles with JFS ( i didn't try ext2, ext3 or reiser)
the raid-0 code isn't that ready in some situations, it can not split too big requests
wich is my PB with XFS



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