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[linux-lvm] Minor mixup in LVM 1.0.3 man pages

pvscan.8 is actually a slightly different version of pvcreate.8.

I haven't seen any other mixups.

I have been looking at all the man pages because I saw something
before and now can't find it again.  I set up a resierfs on a vg and
now, after a reboot, I can't remount it.  pvscan and several other
utilities know it's there -- they show it as inactive -- but I can't
find how to reactivate it.  This is a 2.4.18 kernel with devfs, and I
remember seeing some documentation which said what to do after every
boot, but I can't find it now!  I'll keep plugging away, I'll find it
sooner or later.  Maybe this should be in the FAQ?

Thanks for all the code, too :-)

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