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RE: [linux-lvm] LVM System

I'd recommend ext3 with data journalling for sensitive
filesystems. Its slower than XFS but (seems to) scale better with
striping and large files. XFS performance (seems to) fall off
very rapidly as file size exceeds buffer size.

XFS only journals metadata. So on event of a crash,
the filesystem structure will (likely) be sound, but theres
no guarantee that the data blocks will be uncorrupted!!!

XFS is very nice tho, in that volumes and filesystems can
be grown with no downtime at all (without even unmounting).

You might want to do some benchmarking before committing
to a build (thats recently saved my butt actually).

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> Any thoughts or articles that would be usefull in determining the quality
> on the following combination would be greatly appreciated:
> LVM 1.x
> 3Ware 7800 Raid Controller
> Maxtor 40GB harddrives
> XFS Journalling FS
> SuSE 2.4.18+ Linux
> Thank You,
> Anthony
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