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Re: [linux-lvm] LVM System

On Monday 04 March 2002 07:39 pm, Goetz Bock wrote:
> On Mon, Mar 04 '02 at 16:39, Anthony W. Marino wrote:
> > LVM 1.x
> good idea
> > 3Ware 7800 Raid Controller
> what do you want to go for? RAID5


> > Maxtor 40GB harddrives
> All IDE drives are about the same, but I'm running softraid5 with 4x60GB
> and 6x80GB, all Maxtor
> > XFS Journalling FS
> I'm using ReiserFS and ext3 (both in production), and am about to move
> from reiserFS to ext3. Except for special purpose (e.g. my MP3 base, and
> an thousends off small files (1-10k) box)
> > SuSE 2.4.18+ Linux
> IMHO, don't use SuSE, pick one of the real RPM based distributions.
> If you want everything provided go for RedHat or Mandrake, if you want a
> real server (and know how to compile your kernel) go for trustix.

Why don't you think that SuSE isn't a real server OS???

> Some more comments:
> - don't use striping on RAID5. It is not going to work (well, if you
>   have two RAID5 sets it will, but that's a waste of disk space)
> - this ony appiles to my bad expirience with the 6xxx 3ware controllers:
>   test wether softRAID with the linux kernel is not faster than the
>   hardware RAID
>   (well, you can not boot from softRAID as comfortable as you can from
>    hardware RAID)

I have 4x40GB Maxtor drives and haven't determined what my final 
configuration will be.

> - install the 3ware tool, the 3dm is a deamon that is configurateable
>   from a web page (only runs on localhost, and has (for sure) some
>   security holes). It can send mails on errors, too.
>   (AFAIR the install script is realy broken, don't run it, do it by
>    hand)
> - with a 2.4.xx kernel you do not need a special driver
> - I've a 6800 for sale. i switched my home filebase over to 3 promise
>   controllers. They can do powersaving while I'm at work.

Where do I find this 3ware tool?


> Cu,
>     Goetz.
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