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Re: [linux-lvm] System Suggestions

Steven Critchfield wrote:
On Wed, 2002-03-06 at 14:59, Greg Freemyer wrote:

Although my first thought is to write RH and remind them how much we
hate it when they build things in a non standard way and therefore cause
other standard systems to break. I have several peices of hardware that
are only supported with a RH kernel. I may be braver than some in the
fact that I have removed the RH kernel and used in to build other
distros with it. RH should provide a source version of the kernel in
which you can attempt to put XFS into, then compile, and should still be
able to load the promise driver into that new kernel. It will take some
effort, but should be usable. Of course you could return it as
essentially broken and buy the 3ware card that has better support.

RedHat does provide the source. It takes a bit of time to get it just the way you want it. If you have RPM installed on a RedHat machine download the SRPM do a

rpm -Uhv kernel.src.rpm
cd /usr/src/redhat/SPECS
rpm -bp kernel.spec


there will be a directory with tree with the kernel source that has a name that makes it fairly obvious.

This is all based off a stock redhat configuration on a 6.2 machine.

If you find the rpm2cpio or rpm2tar tools and you can extract the source files there will be a list of patches.

The order in which you must apply the patches in in the .spec file from the RPM. It is pain in the ass but it is completely doable. They ship there kernels the way they like them in the format they like. More specifically, the section labelled %prep, has the commands it runs on the rpm -bp listed there run those commands with the listed files and you'll get the source. If you really want to try and do the patch dance and merge dance, it shouldn't bother you too much if your given the order to apply the patches.

It's my understanding that the patches for XFS are pretty invasive and that the latest XFS patches won't apply to the RedHat kernel because RH has a different VM from the mainline kernel after 2.4.9 and XFS has lots of VM dependencies in it. That is me just summarizing what I have heard on other mailings lists, never used XFS myself. I thought SGI kept a version of a RedHat derived distro ISO that would work with XFS that was relatively recent like RH 7.0 based or 7.1 based. I can't remember the link off hand.

If you runs those commands in the order listed you will get the entire source tree the way they have it when the start. The rest of the commands and steps they take to build the RedHat source are all in the .spec file, you just have to read up on the .spec file format. I had to modify some RedHat source code to make Labels work on LVM devices long, long ago and learned about how to do it then.



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