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Re: [linux-lvm] getting started with LVM

Something I probably should have mentioned....due to some software we use to serve our customers, we have hard links - TONS of them. We looked at cpio, but cpio does not restore hardlinks correctly, dump will. We also looked at tar, 'star', dd, just about anything to take the data from one device/filesystem to another.

Thanks for the feedback though.

lembark wrkhors com wrote:

-- Ben Snyder <ben jumpline com> on 05/23/02 16:43:24 -0400

I am currently doing some research for my employer regarding storage and
backups.  We currently use dump as a backup utility due to limited budget.
However, dump has been giving us fits due to lseek errors.

Someone suggested looking into LVM, so here I am.  I looked a the website and
did a little digging, but I was unable to find out if LVM will serve my

If anyone can lend a hand and provide feedback that can tell me if LVM is
worth my effort to solve this problem, or where I can find this sort of
information, I'd be vert greatful.

Dumping dump might be the first thing that would help. It's old and tired and deserves a rest... For free utilities you can get better speed and filtering with cpio, which backs up from the file system rather than inodes. At that point LVM is a nice solution for managing anything large enough to be backed up.

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