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[linux-lvm] striped lvm must have identical PV sizes?

hi all,

based on my experience below i'm guessing that all PVs included in a VG must be
identical in size if i want to stripe all of the PVs and take all of the VG
free space?  if so, is there a workaround so i can still write in parallel with
different PV sizes?  ala md-tools.


--- Christian Limpach <chris Pin LU> wrote:
> > my volume group has 48396 PEs free using three disks.  whenever i try to
> setup
> > a striped LV using 48396 PEs it fails with "please check, if physical
> volumes
> > are allocatable".
> yes, I guess you can't stripe over a single disk. ;-)  i.e of those 48396
> PEs only 43977 are on 3 disks, the rest is on a single disk.  With 43977 PEs
> you get around 171G.
>     christian
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