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[linux-lvm] enterprise kernel

My company uses a software package that 'requires' a RedHat Enterprise kernel. The word 'requires' is in quotes as it doesnt seem to be required other than by the vendor's policy. They wont support it if it's not enterprise, although the software seems to function just fine.

The problem I'm running into, is that LVM doesnt seem to be included in the enterprise build available from RedHat in rpm format. I know I can build my own enterprise kernel, but I'm an RPM rookie (in the context of creating them).

I am curious if anyone out there knew of a workaround or a pre-existing config file that I can plug into my kernel source or rpm spec file that will provide the compile options and/or modules for LVM to function correctly in a 2.4 enterprise kernel? The whole idea of kernels in pre-configured in rpm format makes me shudder, but I have to do what I have to do in order to get things working.


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