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[linux-lvm] cant mount LV via partition/filesystem labels

Here's what I've got:

RH7.2, kernel 2.4.9-34enterprise

1 physical volume each on /dev/sda9 and /dev/sdb1
one logical volume over these two PV's

I've labeled the filesystem via 'tune2fs' and want to use the label for mounting purposes, as is the default with the other (non-LVM) filesystems

'vgscan' and 'vgchange -a y' have been performed
'vgdisplay' and 'lvdisplay' tell me all is well - everthing is read/write and available
'fsck' on the physical path reports clean...

If I attempt to mount via the physical path to the LV, providing the mount point, everything works fine

However, mount refuses to mount via filesystem/partition label, regardless if I use '-L' and provide the label or use the mountpoint and let mount figure it out on its own from /etc/fstab. I get 'mount: no such partition found' (it is in /etc/fstab correctly, already checked that).

Am I missing something about labels? Maybe some other remedial filesystem characteristics/operations that I've missed because of cranius-up-rectus (head up a$$).

Thanks in advance for feedback/suggestions.

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