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Re: [linux-lvm] vgscan cant find my vg

Hi Rene,

I had such a situation some time ago, too.
I had 2 scsi disks and a scsi-only kernel, with ide just as a loadable module. I added an ide disk to the running vg and all was ok until I rebooted. When booting up, my system lacked the ide-module so the hole vg was not recognized by the kernel.
Then I had two possibilities: compiling a new kernel with the ide-disk compiled into, or building a new initrd with the ide-module. Now the system is up perfectly well.

Rene Schumann wrote:


I have a volumegroup with name vg01 (sda1,sda2) since long time wich hold all my userdata.
Since yesterday my OS cant find this vg anymore.
I remember the last thing was i did add hda9 to vg01.
I did this while installing Mandrake9.0 for testing.
I couldnt find a error from LVM but vgscan fails to find my vg.
Laterly i created a second Volumegroup with name vg (hda9) but vg01 still not working.

Best regards


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