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Re: [linux-lvm] How to fix inconsistent LV structs?

On Sun, Oct 06, 2002 at 12:49:06AM +0200, Raffael Herzog wrote:
> Hi,
> After a normal reboot I lost my volumes. I don't know, what
> exatly happended, but it looks like there was some problem
> with AVFS that caused umount not to work properly. I turned
> AVFS off now, but this doesn't get me my LVs back.
> pvdata shows me, that the logical volume structs 125 through
> 139 are inconsistent (there are no LVs there), at some later
> point, it segfaults. Debug output showed me, that there's
> some garbage in these logical volume structs.

Sounds like a nasty overwrite but it is hard to tell because you
can't remmeber the exact details :(

> My basic idea is to just clear these structs and then use
> vgcfgrestore and/or the other recovery tools (which current-
> ly all fail with "pv_read(): read") to restore my LVs.
> But how do I clear these structs?

Presuming that the metadata backups are intact, you need to "pvcreate -ff"
the physical volumes and run vgcfgrestore on each of them.
"vgscan ; vgchange -ay" should get you back to business afterwards.

> TIA,
>    Raffi
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