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Re: [linux-lvm] How to fix inconsistent LV structs?

Hi Glenn,

Glenn Shannon wrote:

> Was this computer connected to a network when it went down?

Yes. I'm using the 3c95x driver.

> Looks like a stack overflow to me, but where was the originator? Coda?
> Unlikely but possible. Replaced syscalls usually (IIRC) indicate that
> not only did a stack overflow occur but also that registers were
> modified by whatever overflowed the stack.

Coda always replaces Syscalls, AFAIK. At least, it does so
on initialization.

> The kernel is noting itself
> as tainted, which means that some form on non-GPLed module is running
> (or has entered the stack to converse with the kernel directly, acting
> as a module..)

Correct, the nVidia driver taints the kernel.



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