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[linux-lvm] [PATCH] 2.5 version of device mapper submission

The 2.5 port of device-mapper is available from:


There are 6 changesets in here that are summarised at the end of this

If you wish to use it you will need to install libdevmapper:


and then either use dmsetup, or the LVM tools:


Initial testing has been successful, though it hasn't been exercised
nearly as much as the stable 2.4 releases.

There is a chunk of ~50 lines in dm.c, which I have clearly labelled,
this is stop gap block splitting code that will be replaced with the
correct use of queue->merge_bvec_fn etc.  However before I can make
this change there are a couple of other patches to the block layer
that I want to merge.

Since the feature freeze is looming I would appreciate it if this code
was merged now.  Allowing me to patch/argue to get the extra
performance at my leisure.  Good plan ?

Slightly more info available at: http://people.sistina.com/~thornber/

-  Joe Thornber

ChangeSet 1 709, 2002-10-09 17:06:21+01:00, thornber sistina com
  Most people use mempools in conjunction with slabs, this defines 
  a couple of utility functions for allocing/freeing.

ChangeSet 1 710, 2002-10-09 17:09:58+01:00, thornber sistina com
  Introduce vcalloc, I only really want it to automate the size overflow
  check when allocating arrays.

ChangeSet 1 711, 2002-10-09 17:28:44+01:00, thornber sistina com
  [Device mapper]
  The core of the device-mapper driver.  No interface or target types 
  included as yet.
ChangeSet 1 712, 2002-10-09 17:33:00+01:00, thornber sistina com
  [Device mapper]
  The linear target maps a contigous range of logical sectors onto an
  contiguous range of physical sectors.

ChangeSet 1 713, 2002-10-09 17:36:55+01:00, thornber sistina com
  [Device mapper]
  The stripe target.  Maps a range of logical sectors across many
  physical volumes.

ChangeSet 1 714, 2002-10-09 17:41:10+01:00, thornber sistina com
  [Device mapper]
  Provide a traditional ioctl based interface to control device-mapper
  from userland.

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