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re: [linux-lvm] question about LVM kernel module - mirroring

 >>  2) How can I perform mirroring using LVM? I know the kernel can do that 
 >>  on local disks. Is it possible for the kernel of  two clustered machines 
 >>  to mirror two disks on an external storage?
 >>  I am working on a HA cluster.

 >>  Thanks for your attention

 >>  Luca Lavorante

If you want to have only one node at a time have access to the data, then the heartbeat mailing list may be a better place to ask.  www.linux-ha.org  In particular look thru their archives.  The subject comes up often.

If you want both to be able to have simultaneous access, then there are 3 or 4 choices I think.  The only 3 I can think of offhand are Sistina's GFS, OpenGFS, and Oracles OCFS.  The latter 2 are open source and not quite production ready in my opinion.  Sistina has been selling their GFS as production ready for over a year..

Greg Freemyer

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