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Re: [linux-lvm] Re: device-mapper transition

We should probably have lvm2 tools check the driver (and libdevmapper)
version after processing arguments.  So, after making sure the user
doesn't just want to run vgchange --help, vgchange should check to make
sure that
a) there _is_ a version of dm in the kernel
b) the version in the kernel is compatible w/ it

This would lead to some better error messages, and hopefully less
questions.  Instead of:
[dilinger wax tools]$ sudo vgchange -a y
  No volume groups found

[dilinger wax tools]$ sudo vgchange -a y
  Error: device-mapper driver not found; support must be compiled into
  the kernel!
[dilinger wax tools]$ sudo vgchange -a y
  Error: the version of device-mapper in the kernel is incompatible with
  this lvm package; please upgrade device-mapper.

Support is already in the kernel and libdevmapper for driver version
querying; should be just an issue of adding the check to the lvm2 tools.

On Fri, Oct 11, 2002 at 02:04:46AM -0700, Steven Stillaway wrote:
> The only really tricky bit has been the fact that the
> lvm tools (in particular vgscan) are completely
> different between the two version.  Actually LVM 2 just
> seems to have one tool with a lot of symlinks.
> So when I switch from 2.4.19 w/ LVM 1 to 2.5.41 w/
> LVM2 I have to make sure to switch from one vgscan to
> the other.
> The obviously solution is to upgrade my 2.4.19 to 
> LVM2, but not tonight -- it is late.
> If I notice anything I will let you know.  If you
> have any questions or want some data from my test
> box please let me know.
> Off to bed now -- later
> --
> Steven Stillaway
> steve stillaway net
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