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Re: [linux-lvm] lvm on linux RAID5?


here´s the quick way

1. define your raid-partitions with fdisk by asgning them 0xfd
2. setup your /etc/raidtab
3. issuning raidstart -c /etc/raidtab should start  your md-device
4. asume you just use one md device you would now have md0 as
   your raid-device
5. Now you can pvcreate /dev/md0
6. than vgcreate whatevervgname /dev/md0
7. lvcreate what you like on that vg

for creating the raid5 have a look at that sample:

# Sample raid-5 configuration raiddev /dev/md0 raid-level 5 nr-raid-disks 3 chunk-size 32

# Parity placement algorithm

#parity-algorithm       left-asymmetric
parity-algorithm        left-symmetric
#parity-algorithm       right-asymmetric
#parity-algorithm       right-symmetric

# Spare disks for hot reconstruction (not supported yet)
#nr-spare-disks         0

device                  /dev/hda1
raid-disk               0

device                  /dev/hdb1
raid-disk               1

device                  /dev/hdc1
raid-disk               2

Best regards

Anders Henriksson wrote:


I have tried scanning the list archive and re-read the documentation but

I want to run lvm over four linux raid5 devices, can I just treat the
raid devices as discs? i.e. run pvcreate on them directly and go on from

I am running a linux 7.3 server almost out of the box.


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Andreas Baier

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