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[linux-lvm] Re: problem with lvm on root-fs

Hi erveryone!
I'm a little bit closer now. I've create an initrd with lvmcreate_initrd.
In this initrd there was no module for my mylex-raid-controller. I've fixed 
that problem, e.g. put the kernel module in it and changed linuxrc.
After rebooting there's another kernel panic, but on this time the system 
finds my volume groups. Output:

kernel panic: no init found. Try passing init= to...

This is a little bit strange. I checked the initrd another time and in the 
ramdisk-bin-dir there's the bash and sh.
A little help would be nice!


Stefan Weigel

P.S.: I'm using SLES7.2 with the standard-packages.

> Hi!
> I'm trying to get lvm on my root-fs working. But there's is an kernel-panic 
> error. Some details:
> - system with Mylex RAID-controller (DAC960). It's included in the initrd.
> - root-partition is /dev/rd/c0d0p1
> I used the HowTo from sistina.com, copied the files from /dev/rd/c0d0p1 to 
> /dev/sysvg/rootlv, edited the /etc/fstab pointing to the new partition 
> /dev/sysvg/rootlv.
> I made a reboot and everything worked fine. But in /etc/lilo.conf there's 
> the 
> entry root=/dev/rd/c0d0p1. I changed this entry to /dev/sysvg/rootlv. Then I 
> run lilo. After another reboot I got the kernel panic.
> The initrd is IMO working. But when I change the "root=" entry in 
> /etc/lilo.conf a kernel panic occurs.
> Can anybody help me ??
> Best regards 
> Stefan Weigel

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