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Re: [linux-lvm] Is it possible to change the PE size on a live volume?

> Greetings. My volume is 225 GB in size and getting too small.
> Unfortunately, I used the default PE size when creating the volume
> group. Is there any way I can overcome the 256 GB limit ...

In the LVM 1.0.x series,

Given the sizes of modern hard disk arrays,
maybe the default PE/LE size should be changed from 4 MiB to 16 MiB,
in the LVM 1.0.x series.

My feeling is that more people's needs would fit into 1 TiB than fit
into 256 GiB.

Perhaps a few people with small hard disks might complain: "I made an VG
and it used the default PE/LE size of 16 MiB. The granularity is too
coarse. Is there any way I can reduce the PE/LE size?"

Of course I don't think many people would ever make this complaint, and
even if they did, it would be because their disk arrays were small, say
less than 500 MiB. Then it would be easier to give them the bad news
(take your data off onto a temporary area, or buy another hard disk),
because their total data is less.

i.e. it shifts the problems from the people with big problems to the
people with small problems.


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