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Re: [linux-lvm] Is it possible to change the PE size on a live volume?

On Monday 21 Oct 2002 7:22 pm, William Blunn wrote:
> > Greetings. My volume is 225 GB in size and getting too small.
> > Unfortunately, I used the default PE size when creating the volume
> > group. Is there any way I can overcome the 256 GB limit ...
> In the LVM 1.0.x series,
> Given the sizes of modern hard disk arrays,
> maybe the default PE/LE size should be changed from 4 MiB to 16 MiB,
> in the LVM 1.0.x series.
> My feeling is that more people's needs would fit into 1 TiB than fit
> into 256 GiB.

doesnt LE size affect snapshot performance too?

> Perhaps a few people with small hard disks might complain: "I made an VG
> and it used the default PE/LE size of 16 MiB. The granularity is too
> coarse. Is there any way I can reduce the PE/LE size?"
> Of course I don't think many people would ever make this complaint, and
> even if they did, it would be because their disk arrays were small, say
> less than 500 MiB.

vgcreate knows the size of its initial PV. If the default LE size was 
increased, vgcreate could give a warning if the initial PV was small enough 
to be inconvenient.

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