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re: [linux-lvm] [Patch] Latest device-mapper snapshot


I haven't kept up.

What is LVM's status relative to the 2.5 feature freeze that is coming up?

Greg Freemyer

 >>  New patchballs are available here:

 >>  http://people.sistina.com/~thornber/patches/2.5-stable/

 >>  Including a diff against 2.5.44-ac1.  There are a lot of changes in
 >>  here compared to the last release, however most of these are due to
 >>  code refactoring rather than bug fixes.  Highlights include:

 >>  o) Make the changes recommended by Christoph Hellwig and others:
 >>  http://marc.theaimsgroup.com/?l=linux-kernel&m=103462345119681&w=2

 >>  o) Add reference count to struct mapped_device, and struct dm_table.

 >>  o) Hide the above two structs in their respective .c file

 >>  o) Move all locking of struct mapped_device into dm.c (we can do this now
 >>  because
 >>  of the reference counting).

 >>  o) Remove the name and uuid field from struct mapped device, these are
 >>  really
 >>  only used by the interface as a way of refering to devices.

 >>  o) Nobody needs to lookup from kdev_t -> struct mapped_device, so remove
 >>  that hash table (thanks to Al Viros recent bdev->bd_disk stuff).

 >>  o) dm.c has no need of the dm-hash.c file any more, so merge dm-hash.c
 >>  into
 >>  dm-ioctl.c (the fs interface uses the dcache for lookups).

 >>  There are still open issues that prevent things working perfectly:

 >>  o) The gendisk hash table is getting confused when removing a device.  eg,
 >>  if
 >>  I create 3 devices with minors (1, 2, 3).  Then remove minor 2,
 >>  get_gendisk 
 >>  will remove minor == 3. (Or I've done something really stupid).

 >>  o) Splitting pages still doesn't work, this is a generic block layer
 >>  thing rather than dm.  In practise I can only trigger this with
 >>  striped targets.  So stick to linear targets for now.

 >>  Filesystem interface to follow before the end of the week.

 >>  - Joe

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