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[linux-lvm] Re: Recent dissections

We do special handling of LVM and md in xfs_super.c:xfs_alloc_buftarg(),
(and page_buf.c:_pagebuf_page_io()) using only sector-sized buffer heads
for pagebufs in the LVM case, and only aligned I/O in the md case.

If you had xfs -> md -> lvm -> scsi, then I think this might explain
your problem, since XFS thinks it's talking to md, when in fact there is
LVM (more restrictive I/O) underneath it.

However, you say that you have xfs -> lvm -> md -> scsi, so I am still
confused...  Just for fun, you could try always setting 

btp->pbr_flags = PBR_SECTOR_ONLY;

in xfs_alloc_buftarg, and see if it makes a difference?


On Fri, 2002-10-25 at 11:54, Luben Tuikov wrote:
> As the folks on linux-xfs know, I've recently tried to
> get xfs on top of lvm on top of raid5 on top of some
> scsi disks to work.
> Here are some recent curiosities which for now seem
> to reconcile mount-s in D and BUG() in unlock_page():
> Here is the basic framework:
>  FS --> LVM --> md(raid5) --> scsi disks           (1)
> when FS = ext2, the above set up works alright,
> when FS = xfs, then as you know either mount
> would sleep indefinitely on down(), or BUG() in unlock_page().
> I've written a tiny SCSI simulator driver for
> block devices (non-SCSI; unrelated to all this),
> lets call it ``sbs''.
> Strangely when the above set up is like so:
>  xfs --> LVM --> sbs --> md(raid5) --> scsi disks  (2)
> then everything works all right.
> The only way I can explain this, is that the transformation
> that bh's get along the way down and up somehow confuse
> xfs in setup (1), (remember ext2 works all right in (1)),
> but when sbs is in between LVM and md then things are ok
> for xfs.
> This ``solution'', was prompted by other curiosities we found
> out here, like when either md or LVM was missing from (1)
> with xfs, then things worked ok.
> So, to make everyone happy, we put sbs in the middle of
> LVM and md (see (2)), so that from xfs's point of view
> it looks like LVM is talking to a scsi block device, and
> from md's point of view it looks like it (md) is getting
> its bh's from the linux block layer.
> I hope those curiosities help ppl get some/any clue(s)
> as to what could be happening and resolve this -- especially
> those who know what fs/xfs/pagebuf/*.c is all about...
> Bh's transformation, collecting them back into a page in
> xfs from xx_end_io(), etc... where could it be?
> -- 
> Luben
> P.S. No sensible performance penalties for putting sbs in
> the middle. But that's irrelevant.
Eric Sandeen      XFS for Linux     http://oss.sgi.com/projects/xfs
sandeen sgi com   SGI, Inc.         651-683-3102

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