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Re: [linux-lvm] software mirroring

/dev/md0 and /dev/md1 on my second hard drive telling it that my first
harddrive was failed (so it wouldn't use it and break it). The first
will hold my /boot and the second (for now) will hold my /. I then
installed LVM onto my /dev/md1 and copied the filesystems over to the
appropriate locations. However after I configure lilo and fstab I have
issues. Depending on my lilo.conf I get either
L 80 80 80 ...

You will save yourself a lot of trouble if you stick with hardware raid for the boot volume (i.e., the bios only sees a single device) and avoid LVM altogeter for the root volume (assuming you put /boot on /). Main reason is that if anything does go wrong with LVM it's a pain to fix without LVM.

Until the X86 BIOS gets brains (and pigs floss...)
just use a simple partition for the root voume and
perhaps a second partition with a stand-alone rescue
system on the other drive. If you install LVM into
the root volume (e.g., /lvm) then yuo can at least
boot single-user and fix things.

-- Steven Lembark 2930 W. Palmer Workhorse Computing Chicago, IL 60647 +1 800 762 1582

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