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Re: [linux-lvm] raid1+lvm

Gerwin Lienert (gerwin lienert gmx de) wrote 37 lines:

> But what do you do, when your swap becomes to small.

- use a swapfile (can be on LVM) with a low priority
- use a swap partition on LVM with a low priority

> Shure, you can start,
> having one swap device outside of your lvm, but in case of increased memory
> leak, you will be happy, if you can easily define another swap device on your
> lvm. I did so, and for me it worked fine.

How about fixing the memory leak?  :-)

Anyway, in most cases HD space is cheap and you can easily
allocate 3-4 times your RAM -- if you need more, you have a
bad leak or should definitively buy more RAM.

In all other cases, you can add swap space on the fly.  And if
you have multiple fast hard disks, do make a swap space on them
all (or even better on each raid system) and use the kernel's
inbuild ability to strip over them (set the priority identical).


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