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RE: [linux-lvm] extending LVM for school project

What about working towards making LVM cluster aware and making it more
available, putting in better failover mechanisms in a clustered
environment ...

If the work is done for for a hybrid setup (no need to have a shared
disk, or you may have a mix of shared disk and just a some disks
connected to one of the nodes in the network.) you can save the cost of
having to buy expensive disks and switches and can do the work with the
available setup in the university.

I am myself planning to work towards extending LVM2 for such a setup and
we can share our work : )O


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> >Subject: [linux-lvm] extending LVM for school project
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> >Hey everyone,
> >	I'm a masters student taking a distributed systems project class
> >and would like to work on extending LVM. My initial idea was to
> >LVM and allow it to create physical volumes using disks on remote
> >But then I read posts about using ENBD to achieve this. Do people on
> >this list have suggestions or ideas for a fun/interesting project
> >could be accomplished within 10 weeks?
> >
> >Regards,
> >Kai-Min Sung
> >
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