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[linux-lvm] Raid 5 Performance

Title: Raid 5 Performance

Hi everyone,

I have 4 identical disks that I have configured using the Linux Software raid.
They are set-up in a raid 5 using a "chunksize" of 128 Kbytes as recommended in the Linux Software Raid HowTo.

I could create an Ext3 file system directly over my raid 5 with the following parameters:
chunksize=128KB, block size=4KB and stride=32.
I think those parameters are the best for performance. (Any better suggestion would be appreciated !!!)

My question is:

Since I want to be able to create/resize many file systems (ext3, XFS ReiserFS) over the raid5, do I need to specified:

"chunksize, stripe and stripesize", when performing the "lvcreate" command (the logical volume creation) or are those
parameters used for backup and creating a raid 0 (stripe) ???

If I do need to specified those parameters, what would be the best values regarding performance of the raid 5 ???

Thanks in advance,

Jean Aumont

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