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Re: [linux-lvm] trying to restore data after Harddisk breakdown

first this says that the 120GB disk is my PV0 and the 80 GB is my PV1, second it says that my 2 working LVs are entirely on the 120 GB

Yes, that's what the metadata says.

And VIDEO was split between all three disks.

and I only need to add the new PV and replace all the Missing Segments by one on the new PV?

If you want to try to salvage something from VIDEO, yes.

thats what i wanted to try.

so i created a new pv on the new disk, then I edited the backupfile so that it has one segment on the new harddisk in it instead of the missing parts.
and then i tried to run vgcfgrestore first with the -t option to see if the backupfile is correct , and then without (since the VG is a old 1.0x VG i used the -M 1 option) in both ways i got this error message

Cannot change metadata for partial volume group Data
Restore failed

how can I restore the metadata to the new disk?

best regards


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