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Re: [linux-lvm] Performance question


With what you are doing; probably not.

Why are you using LVM in the first place? Sticking something between your data and the physical device is probably only going to slow stuff down. You are already stripping with your RAID 0 controller. Having LVM strip is not going to do anything because LVM sees only one device.

This is like an analogy of making my car faster by putting a spoiler on it. LVM = features, not speed. If you don't need LVMs features, get rid of it!

If you want more speed, try solid state drives, tuning your controller to stripe efficiently, adding controller cache, configuring Oracle to use the raw storage device instead of an underlaying filesystem, or add more drives to your array.

The obvious is the answer.

Remember that you can't fix it if you don't know what to fix. If you don't know exactly where your bottleneck is, you can't resolve it.

I really hope that data isn't important since you don't seem to have any redundancy there.

Do some Bonnie++ on there and let us know how it goes if you try your solution.

Have fun! Good luck in your project.

Griffin, Michael (PEC) wrote:

I have a Dell 4600 with a PERC quad channel raid controller attached to
an external disk array (14 disks). I am running Oracle 9i on Red Hat
Linux. I am running an import from an Oracle 8i database and
normalizing the data. My 3 import files are between 2-4GB each
compressed, but grow to between 25-40GB each uncompressed. It takes
approximately 10 hours to import these into my database. I currently
have three disk arrays set up in RAID 0 to achieve as much speed as
possible (so far).

My question is, would it help my performance if I were to turn off RAID
on the controller(s) and use LVM?  Any suggested configs would be

Thank you,


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