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[linux-lvm] Re: still need to install device mapper with 2.6 kernel?

"Robert P. J. Day" <rpjday mindspring com> writes:

>   i think i'm confused about the support for device mapper in the 
> 2.6 kernel.  i'm aware that i need to install device-mapper for
> LVM2, and i know where to get the device-mapper tarball.
>   but, in the configuration process for the 2.6 kernel, you can 
> select device mapper support, so i did and built it into the
> kernel.  i assumed (perhaps unwisely) that device mapper was now
> part of the 2.6 kernel source tree, and i now had it since i'd
> selected it as part of the configuration in the kernel build for
> my 2.6.0-test11 kernel.  therefore, i didn't need to explicitly 
> install device-mapper anymore.

Linux 2.6 includes device-mapper, but (obviously) only the kernel side
of it.  You still need to install the user space library.

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