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Re: [linux-lvm] half my space lost

I tried to extend my 96Mb VG "secured" with (default) extend size of 32M
with 1*128Mb /dev/md/8.

I recreated it with an extend size of 1Mb and with /dev/md/7 + /dev/md/8 PV.
It worked. Since then I added some more PV to it without problem. I now
trying to move my root partition on it.

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From: Koch, Steffen <steffen koch sphinx-electronics de>
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Sent: Friday, December 05, 2003 4:11 PM
Subject: RE: [linux-lvm] half my space lost

> Hello again,
> > Thank you for this explanation which sounds very clear.
> >
> > One more question please. I do not understand why I can not
> > extend my VG with the second RAID partition: [root fw root]#
> > pvdisplay /dev/md/8 pvdisplay -- "/dev/md/8" is a new
> > physical volume of 125.38 MB
> >
> > [root fw root]# vgextend secured /dev/md/8
> > vgextend -- INFO: maximum logical volume size is 2 Terabyte
> > vgextend -- ERROR: physical volume "/dev/md/8" too small for
> > physical extent siz e of volume group "secured"
> Seems that the extent size of your other vg is larger than the available
> size of your new md8.
> A question I have: Why do you want to extend your 17 GB VG with 2*128 MB??
> Doesn't make much sense to me...
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