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Re: [linux-lvm] EXT3 vs Reiserfs


If you are looking for a stable filesystem and are not really worried
about performance I'd stick with ext3. If necessary you can get a kernel
patch to allow for online resizing.

If you have many small files and need the performance then reiser is an
option. I'm worried about data integrity with Reiser. Once in a while
a stories about lost files with Reiser pops up. I'll be more confident
when all these stories are a couple of years old. Loosing data is the one
thing I don't forgive a filesystem.

There is an extensive report on filesystem performance on


On Mon, 8 Dec 2003 09:39:38 -0500, Yanick Quirion wrote:

>Hi all,

>Could you please tell what is the best filesystem for linux between ext3 and reiserfs?

>I know that ext3 can handle ACLs and not online fs extend, and reiserfs do not seems to support 
ACLs (I found some patches for kernel 2.4.21, but there are errors when I apply them to the kernel 
sources), but can be extend while it's online.

>I'm just asking for your personal opinion and knowledge with them.



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